Running on the wild side



Some come for glory

Some for the cake!

The start is at Milton Lilbourne Village Hall where the route takes you through the picturesque village up to Milton Hill.Continue along footpaths and tracks and then descend down the Gully (can be very muddy at this time of year) and on to the village of Easton Royal. Head up hill again until Milton Clump is reached .


A level run along the trees brings you out onto the downs where the views are magnificent. Continue down the chalky escarpment and take a sharp left into the Bowl where it will become suddenly worryingly obvious where the route is going.


Up and up some more to the Giant's Grave. With Hearts thumping continue along the fields to then suddenly and steeply descend down to the copse and then continue along a treelined bridleway until the Lakes are reached.


A welcome breather along the fields and Chalkpit Lane but watch out for the mud. Out onto the road for 1/4 mile ascent and then its all downhill to the playing field where the finish is in site and the cakes await you.


We would advise a good off road trainer as there are some steep descents and ascents and it could be muddy after heavy rain. Spikes not recommended as there are a couple of road sections.

          Runner's view

                of our