We’re back! But with a few modifications for now.
So what does this mean?
Staring with the venue:
Parking: As before, and try to use the overflow car park and Busy bees.
Venue: We won’t have access initially  to a dedicated room, so this means we can no longer have hard copies of map/details of routes and signing in sheets.
Routes: All run routes will be available on the website so it’s down to you to read them before turning up to run.
Times: Start times will be as they always were, ie 9.00 am on Saturday and 6.30pm on Wednesday. Please stay as close to these times as possible to allow new people to run with the maximum number of people in the group.
After your run, if you intend to stay for drinks/food/social, please adhere to any COVID guidelines in place at Broome Manor. Showers and changing are now available.
To support the venue, please try and stay for a drink if you can.

Let’s go with this format for the next few weeks then collectively have a small meeting to discuss what is working and what may need changing.
Finally, looking forward to seeing you all. Please share the above with your friends. #weareback