Standard Splinters Kit

We have various garments, including T-shirts, vests and hoodies, all made from high quality technical material. We have a box of sample sizes, which you can try before you buy (only available on Saturday mornings).

All our standard items can be personalised - if you require your name on your garment, visit the online shop and select the tick box, 'personalise your order'. On the following page , in the 'special instructions for seller' box, add your name.

SPECIAL 10 year T-Shirts


2020 marks a decade since Shin Splints was formed. To celebrate this, and to make some money for charity, we have a specially designed T-shirt, with designs on front, back and sleeves. The T-shirts come in two styles: fitted (which are probably better suited for women), and loose, which are a standard T-shirt shape. 

Size equivalents are:

Fitted:  XS = size 8, S = size 10, M = size 12, L = size 14, XL = 16, 2XL = 18

Loose:  S = 38", M = 40", L = 43", XL = 45", XL = 45" 2XL = 48" 3XL = 50" 4XL = 53"

To order - just select your size on the drop-down menu to the right then click the BUY NOW button to pay via Paypal. Price is £15.50.  

PLEASE NOTE: we have now put an order in for over a hundred shirts - thank you all! To place another order we need a minimum of ten, so if you order now you may have to wait a little longer, but it will be worth it!

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